Concept Design

In constant connection with the Client, SDG will do the first steps to shape the project, by analyzing the ship’s mission requirements and constraints, together with the Rules and Regulations of the governing Classification Society. The constraints are imposed in relation with construction, operational and maintenance characteristics.

Based on the specific operational criteria the ship should achieve, a series of parameters are defined, such as speed, cargo, weight, capacity, fuel, endurance and crew.

In this stage, a list of equipment suppliers is carefully prepared to meet the project classification and technical capabilities.

Based on the conclusions the Client is able to define the project budget.

If the budget itself is a constraint, the design process will involve a series of trade-off studies in order to achieve the desired goal.

In this stage SDG will prepare and deliver to the Client the following documents:

  • General Arrangement drawing, 2D and 3D
  • Outline Specification, including main equipment and maker list

Documents delivered will be prepared after a series of calculations and analyses: optimum main dimensions of the ship, hull shape, hydrostatics, freeboard, cargo and tank capacities, subdivision, hydrodynamic, propulsion, weight, trim and stability, power balance, main equipment characteristics, applicable Rules and Regulations etc.

Basically, in this stage the designer will do the entire design in its main components and will establish all building and operational solutions.