Anchor Handling TUG Supply Vessel 180TBP

Scope of work

Basic designGeneral design (freeboard, capacity plan, doors, windows, insulation, etc.), Hull, Deck systems (mooring, AHT arr., anchor and chain arr., etc.), Piping and machinery (P&ID systems, machinery arr., equipment specifications)
Detailed design & Production informationHull, Steel outfitting, piping & machinery, accomodation, HVAC
Anchor handling TUG supply vessel 180TBP

Main characteristics

Length overall:75.0 mMax. scantling draught midship:7.0 m
Length between p.p.:68.0 mBollard pull:180 T
Breadth:17.4 mService speed:15.0 kn
Design draught midship:8.5 mClassification:DNV 1A1, SF, SV, TUG, E0, DYNPOS-AUTR, (IMO DP II), FIRE-FIGHTER I+II, CLEAN DESIGN, NAUT OSV (A), T-MON, DK (+), HL (2.8), OILREC (DnV), IMO/SOLAS, National requirements