Project Description

Pipe Lay Vessel

Scope of work

Basic designGeneral design (Class drawings and FEM calculation for pipe laying area), Deck systems (mooring, structural design for installation of pipe laying equipment)
Detailed design & Production informationHull, Steel outfitting, piping & machinery in pipe laying area

Pipe Lay Vessel

Main characteristics

Length overall:150.2 mDesign draught midship:6.5 m
Length between p.p.:123.0 mPipe laying equipment:Portable pipe laying system, 2000T&750T Caroussels
Breadth:27 mService speed:16.5 kn
Depth main deck:12.0 mClassification:DNV X 1A1, E0, DYNPOS-AUTR, (IMO III), SF, DK (+), CRANE, HELDK-SH, CLEAN DESIGN with NAUT-AW, Comf-V(3) C(3)